Sunday, December 7, 2008

Free Lunch for Holy Cyclists.

New bike to work program at nVidia.

Not really an implemented program but nVidia is asking employees to come up with good ideas to be environmentally friendly. The suggestions are all over the map, mostly impossible, but it's sort of cool. From my viewpoint, Jen-Hsun Huang, our CEO, is really into this sort of thing and very clear on the concept that what is good for the environment can be good for the company too. He rails on how much money the company wastes - "Money we literally threw into the trash" - using anecdotes about using electronic documents instead of printing stuff out, using the washable cups in the cafeteria instead of the disposable (compostable made with cornstarch) cups, etc..

Warms my holy heart. And I'm not too upset about not getting free lunch, nVidia subsidizes the cafeteria and I spend about a dollar a day on lunch (which gives employees an incentive to not drive off campus for lunch. Good for the environment, and good for the company as we get back to our desks sooner).


Erik said...

No more free lunch.......

murphstahoe said...

no kidding