Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheap organic produce

The front deck Cilantro is coming in.

I did screw this one up pretty badly but we'll get a mini crop. Turns out Cilantro has two seeds per seed, so to speak. I germinated these things inside (I would carry them out for sun in the AM) in some re-used plastic start containers from last year, then transplanted the 4 best to this pot. Then I thinned 2 of them out. Or at least I thought that's what I did. Since each "seed" has 2 seeds, each plant was actually 2 plants. I should have thinned out 1 from each instead of pulling 2 "pairs". And I should have done it sooner.

Now these guys are a bit crowded but I'm going to let them run their course while I start some new ones. I have 4 decent arugula plants going in the backyard and a dill plant that is growing very fast. The arugula sort of requires actual ground but the herbs only require a pot, and can almost certainly be grown inside.

I'm not the only person growing food in Noe Valley - check out the Noe Valley Farm Report. He's also a big fan of arugula. Wait til he finds out that it grows like a crazy weed. I've cut the Healdsburg argula back to the nub twice, and it's come back like crazy both times. Good thing to be a fan of - it's not hard to grow.

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