Friday, April 10, 2009

Not surprisingly, this guy didn't get into Michigan

Now I don't feel so bad about Sparty getting ass-whupped by UNC.

Zack Colman - Sparty at large, shows why Michigan State is Michigan's little sister with an imbecilic rant about bicyclists, admitting that some of his favorite things to do while driving are Text Messaging, playing with his iPod, and driving half asleep to class after going out on a bender.

Ridiculous. Perhaps Zack is still hungover from not getting into his "A School", unlike the other Zack Colman seen in his facebook photo taunting the junior Zack Colman. Poor Zack.

If you want to mention this to his boss...

Editor in Chief, Kristen Daum,

More on this particular genius courtesy of BikeSnobNYC


Yokota Fritz said...

Man, I totally missed that BSNYC mentioned this. I'm impressed with his research!

murphstahoe said...

04/10/09 @ 3:38pm
This is great satire, you should come write for me.