Sunday, April 12, 2009

Warning signs - agriculture.

We're in Sonoma County this weekend. I went out to check on the fruit trees and saw some very distressing things. Sure it's nice to see that there are plenty of fruits on the trees. But this is scary...

This fig is near full size and in theory will start to ripen. That should not be happening in April. Last year we started to harvest figs in *August*. The unseasonably warm weather in January brought the buds out. The rain in February helped things along, which was fine, but those January blooms could all be dead in the water if we get a nominal April freeze. The plants are too far along for this time of year due to the warm January.

More pictures at my wife's wine country blog including an Almond tree that is loaded - too early from my understanding.

Global Warming? Who knows, but it's unsettling no matter what, for this season's harvest.

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