Sunday, April 26, 2009


Now there's a 10 cent word!

I finally picked up a fancy-schmancy compost bin.

After a few unsuccessful months of trying to pick up one used, I just bought one. I was roundly taunted by the woman I bought worms from who has been composting since the 70's in old milk jugs. At least I bought the worms local - finagling a ride back and forth over Twin Peaks in the deal.

Here's the little darlings.


kit said...

i have that exact same worm bin. almost all my worms are dead and i'm probably going to have to start over. let me know how yours goes. :/

murphstahoe said...

so far, so good. Can't say the same for my tomato basil and pepper seedlings which I put outside last Friday after one loving month indoors. Got stuck at work and the wind and sun killed them.