Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Caltrain Suicides in 2 days.

After a slow start to the year with nary a problem on Caltrain (I haven't even been bumped more than 5-6 times thanks to the rain and dark and whatnot of the early part of the year), we had 2 fatalities, both suicides, in 2 days.

Monday wasn't so bad, it happened at noon and didn't affect the commute. This morning, some unfortunate soul decided to end their life at 8:20 AM. Another unfortunate soul was feeling not so smug this AM as he had taken MUNI to Caltrain instead of riding his bike. I finagled a trip on the VTA 522 to Santa Clara and hopped the 60. I did my good deed of the day alerting 2 other riders on the 522 how to make the switch to get to Mission College.

The twitter feeds were firing this AM. I read a pretty cool analysis about it at What I hear You Saying Is - good stuff.

Here's hoping the return trip is smoother.

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