Tuesday, May 12, 2009

San Francisco in a nutshell

Streetsblog has been livetweeting the Board of Supervisors meeting regarding the MTA budget. It's been a contentious negotiation apparently, with the topic continued, back door meetings, etc... very heated.

Example tweet...

StreetsblogSF Chiu will support some changes that have been between the budget and the Mayor's office.
2 minutes ago from web

StreetsblogSF More behind-the-scenes negotiations underway on MTA budget. Supes meeting now in public comment.
about 1 hour ago from web

OK, so between one hour and 2 minutes from me writing this blog, the MTA budget was actively being negotiated in City Hall

Meanwnile on Planet Gavin...

GavinNewsom Great response to petition supporting President Obama for health care reform. Click http://tr.im/laud to sign petition. Thanks for the help!
26 minutes ago from web

Sums it up for me right there... and I thought twitter was causing ME to be distracted at work!

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