Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Write Bevan Dufty and Sophie Maxwell if you heart MUNI

The man who wants to be Mayor Bevan Dufty is kissing up to the current Mayor by siding with him and against David Chiu (who is THE MAN by the way).

Fed up with the way departments outside of MUNI have been raiding the budget of MUNI, resulting in a MUNI budget that will raise fares and cut service , Chiu has rallied a majority of the Board of Supervisors to reject MUNI's budget and force them back to the drawing board. It is becoming a showdown with our so-called Mayor Gavin Newsom. The problem - the Board of Supervisors needs 7 votes, not 6, to reject the budget.

The key point in the streetsblog article referenced above - Bevan Dufty who voted in committee to reject the budget, has been arm-twisted by Gavin or by monied interests to now vote against the measure. I find this extremely disappointing, Dufty had gotten in front of some important issues lately and now he decides to not be the key vote on a key issue. Politics at its finest. I'm hoping that this backfires on Bevan, crippling him in the Mayoral race.

Time to let Bevan know. If you are a San Francisco resident, write this guy NOW and tell him to wake up. If you are in district 8, you are a consitituent now, if you aren't, he will be wanting your vote for Mayor. I intend to tell him my vote hinges on his vote on this issue alone.

Another email needs to go to Sophie Maxwell. She is the District 10 Supervisor (Potrero Hill/Bayview) and is now the swing vote. Chiu, Daly, Mirkarimi, Campos, Avalos, and Mar supporting. Newsom's tools - Alioto-Pier, Elsbernd, and Chu oppose.

Time to repudiate Newsom's treatment of San Francisco's citizenry by sending a message. Yes, it's the MTA budget but as Streetsblog quotes him...

"It will be devastating to the impact of our general fund money," said Newsom, who has been accused by some advocates of using scare tactics in the debate over the MTA budget.

San Francisco's transit system is one of the cornerstones of the city, not an afterthought. Newsom should be worried about the devastating impact the budget is having on MUNI, not the other way around.

Mail Bevan - bevan.dufty@sfgov.org
Mail Sophie - Sophie.Maxwell@sfgov.org

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