Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Interview I'd pay to hear - Newsom interviewing Andy Thornley from SFBC (not Rob Anderson)(

Gavin Newsom is running for Governor. And he's on Twitter because he's oh so "Tech-Savvy."

Of course this tech savvyness shows in his Diary on Daily Kos. Penned by "Gavin Newsom". Of course, down in the comments, there is a comment "Help Newsom Raise $20,000 Online Today" also by "Gavin Newsom", but the comment is signed "Theo Yedinsky". I guess Gavin isn't so much "tech-savvy" as he is savvy about hiring people who are "tech-savvy".

I find it very amusing that the Kos post also has the following set of tags, all in a row, right after "Gavin Newsom" and "CA-Gov". "Environment", "Green Energy", "Green Jobs", "Green Living". It appears he - I mean Theo - forgot "Greenwashed" (and maybe "Blogwashed"). And by "Green Living" apparently he means "Making an incognito excursion on Muni" - which he might think actually burns more gas than his pixie dust powered "Hybrid Police Car" - which is an armor plated Tahoe SUV that probably gets 10 MPG even with the Hybrid Engine, and which he had someone drive to Montana and back for his wedding.

Anyway, Theo-Gav has Twitter challenge - who should be the next guest on his radio show. Sadly the current leader seems to be Carrie Prejean, the surgically enhanced homophobic Miss California. What a softball. Even Gavin could eat her up for lunch.

Here's who I want on the show. Andy Thornley from the San Francisco Bike Coalition If Gavin wants to show he can deal with an aggrieved State Assemblyman he should be able to talk to a spokesman for an issue that he's failed on.

Regardless, it will force Gavin to make a definitive statement on cycling infrastructure in San Francisco, go on record with his point of view, and discuss why the City hasn't fast tracked the EIR process and gotten things going.

Let's go people. Get your twitter accounts going and ask Gavin to get Andy Thornley on his show.

UPDATE - I've re-written this blog - my obsession with crazy Rob Anderson is showing. He is fading into irrellevance and doesn't deserve a forum as I originally called for.

Please keep ideas coming -Miss California (as topical as her story is)-- can't be the top choice?!
2:30 PM May 3rd from txt

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Yokota Fritz said...

"incognito" -- I guess that explains why nobody ever sees him on the bus.

I was in the City Sunday -- I *ahem* drove there and paid $20 ($20!!!) for parking.