Friday, April 3, 2009

Difference between cycling/walking - and driving

This morning, 7 AM, Noe Valley. I was riding my bike down 24th St, as I crossed Church I heard "Murph!" I turned to my right and some guy was waving at me and said "Have a good ride", I sort of mumbled something like "Yeah thanks", and rolled on. I certainly didn't utilize my best social manners in this instance but I was scrambling to make a train and trying not to bite it on the J-Church tracks. All said and done - I didn't quite establish who the guy was - leaning against the outside wall of Happy Donuts. My best guess is that it's someone from the Google ride and that he was waiting for a Google shuttle.

Suffice to say, had either of us been in a car, this little interaction never happens. I get this sort of interaction on a daily basis. It's certainly helped by being part of a couple of large communities that spend a lot of time together and not in a car - the SFBC the Caltrain Biker Cabal, and SF2G of course. Throw in the people walking their dogs and (now) babies around Noe Valley and SF can become a pretty small town pretty quick - and that's a good thing.

So who was the mystery man giving me a hollah today? I did in fact have a decent ride and getting a shout out was a good part of it.


velocycling said...

I agree. Non car cummutting makes me part of the community. You have to acknowledge others as people as opposed to metal machines.

PS. Are you going for your Sub 20 OLH this year? Please do.

murphstahoe said...

The Sub 20 OLH is still planned, but Liam's 3 AM feedings are not helping me establish a base. I'm not totally out of shape so as things calmed down I expect to set up a formal plan and go for it.

This is certainly another way in which cycle commuting helps - in the end I still get 15 or so miles in Monday-Friday no matter what, including climbing to the top of Noe Valley at the end of the day.

I did, by the way, establish that the guy on 24th St was Brett Crosby from Google, waiting for the shuttle bus.