Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bike to Caltrain JPB Meeting Day

Next Thursday, Feb 5, is the Caltrain JPB meeting in San Carlos. This meeting is especially relevant because Caltrain Staff will be presenting to the JPB their plan/ideas/whatever on a short term expansion of bike space on Caltrain. Some folks from the SFBC have spent a lot of time - as you may know if you actually follow this godawful blog - trying to nudge Caltrain to give those Holier Than Thou Cyclists more space.

What we are up against? Reference @seanpile

"I know you guys are all green... I am 100% anti-green" 8:50 AM Jan 12th from TwitterFon

quote(s) from caltrain operator: "you guys need to start leaving your bikes at home" 8:49 AM Jan 12th from TwitterFon

The only reason Caltrain is bending is because we are overwhelming them with "requests" for better service. Caltrain is a public entity, subsidized by tax dollars and not motivated by profit. But if the ridership is on the board's tail like visigoths at the gate, the staff has to respond or there might actually be some wrath delivered. If Mark Scanlon, Mark Simon, Chuck Harvey, Michelle Bouchard, et all deliver some useless pablum, we need to make our voices heard or the board will assume they have shut us up and can move on. We need a big presence at the JPB meeting. Yokota Fritz already told me he's taking the day off.

My plan is to lead a ride from San Francisco's 4th/King Caltrain station to the San Carlos station, using the SF2G routing with a minor diversion starting on 3rd since we're coming from downtown. On a fast day we make San Carlos in 1:45, so my plan is to leave at 7 AM, potentially leaving time for a snack at Mary's Depot at the San Carlos train station. Pace TBD but I am volunteering to sweep as long as we make San Carlos by 9:30 - if anyone is really struggling I will deliver them to a Caltrain station (surely to get bumped, of course).


Yokota Fritz said...

Besides myself, several other people from SVBC also are taking the day off to show up.

If you're starting at 7 AM in SF, I think I'll pass on your suggestion to train to 4th and King then backtrack to San Mateo ;-) I'd have to catch the 5:45 AM train out of Diridon for that.

georoad said...

Thanks for starting this, I'm planning on being part of the bus.

Maybe you posted this to SF2G; what bridge were you planning on crossing (to get between the bay trail and El Camino)?

My route from Foster City to San Carlos has been Mariner's Island -> Hillsdale > Delaware (Old County) > Holly > El Camino. Going around by Oracle adds at least 15 minutes to the ride; the route I suggest has pretty wide streets; often with bicycle lanes.

murphstahoe said...

We can modify the route on the fly based on progress.

Now there is talk of rain on Thursday. I'll be at Caltrain rain or shine - if it's raining then I'll get breakfast at the Flower Market Cafe and then hop 226 or 228

I definitely won't complain if it is raining.