Sunday, January 4, 2009

San Francisco Bike Coalition - Bikes on Board Outreach Newsletter.

The tireless efforts of Dr. Shirley Johnson continue. Here is the SFBC's Bikes on Board committee's outreach newsletter regarding it's position on Caltrain's bicycle program.

Caltrain's staff has promised a "modest increase" in Bicycle Capacity. We fear that this will be peanuts for paupers in order to fend off the hounds, rather than a comprehensive solution, so it is time to keep the troops rallied to make sure the effort is worthwhile.

Additonally, the current theory is that Caltrain is going to roll out the "big plan" at the JPB meeting February 5th in San Carlos. Unless my wife is in labor, I'll be there, and if she's in labor I will probably bitch about her timing (and she will be justifiably bitch back). If you care about cycling capacity on Caltrain, be there as well!

Outreach Newsletter 090105

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