Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't screw with American Apparel

Ritual Roasters decided to go after American Apparel. Have to keep those chain stores out of the Mission District, this is San Francisco after all. Even if said chain store employs dozens of heroin chic models.

I showed up for a bike ride at 6:46 AM this morning. No, it wasn't scheduled for 6:46 AM, I was 1 minute late. Nobody waited for me because it was 38 degrees and the coffee shop was closed! No big loss for Ritual, the only people at Ritual at 6:30 AM are Trendy Google Professionals getting ready to ride to work.

But is there a correlation? Has AA put the hex on Ritual?

Update: Apparently not - it was the weekend of some big "Barista Competition"

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Yokota Fritz said...

I'm joining up with a Googler next week to ride from the Santa Cruz mountains into the Valley. I have to ride 10 miles and uphill 2000 feet to meet him so hopefully I won't be too pooped to party.