Friday, January 23, 2009

The hard men (and women) of San Francisco

A second day of actual rain in the Bay Area. No way in hell this eco-terrorist is going to slag off and borrow the car, I'm getting on my bike and going to Caltrain. All summer long we've waited for the rainy and cold winter such that we could enjoy a leisurely, if wet, ride to our destination on an unpacked bike car.


Yesterday on NB #322 we had issues when the conductor mistakenly allowed 17 bikes on a 16 bike bomb car. He threw a fit about 5 in one rack, we pointed out (after the train had left the station) that there was no 3 bike rack to move to. He grunted but we rolled off. So he had actually bumped people, this continued at 22nd St, I expected to see maybe 5 of us. NB 230 apparently bumped people too per Adam Aufdencamp's twitter.

This AM, more wetness. More wet cyclists.

Not full, but close.

The passenger counter was there, good to see that everyone took my call to arms to heart!

I think there are 2 things in play. The cyclists are in fact getting a bit harder - selling their cars/etc... and have committed to the transit/bike commute. But there are plenty of faces that will disappear now - the thing is there are just so many MORE cyclists that the reductions brought by the rain aren't enough to solve the capacity issue.


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ammon said...

You meant SB for all those even numbered trains... I'm often making that mistake on twitter, and then cursing MobileMail's inability to cancel a message from the send queue.

Guess I was lucky on the rainy SB 332 bullet yesterday. 2 new cars and only a couple other cyclists in the south car the whole way.