Thursday, January 29, 2009

The life of a Pro Cyclist

A ways back I was introduced to twitter when I was alerted to the Caltrain tweets being run by Ravi Pina, especially valuable for the bike car information. Slowly but surely I was sucked into the twitter vortex when people started to follow my (infrequent) tweets, I started following them, I learned the search function, etc...

The final straw was when I found out that Lance was on twitter. Maybe not so much that he was using twitter, but that he was using it a LOT. Now, being a pro cyclist most of what Armstrong does with his day is...

1) Ride
2) Sleep
3) Eat

So his tweets could be somewhat one dimensional. Armstrong being Armstrong - and as my friend Dan Connelly calls it ... "Armstrong 3.0", Lance actually does a bit more than just Ride/Sleep/Eat (and I don't mean "get EPO injection - though apparently it does include 15 drug tests since he's returned to riding). Number 4 on Lance's list is apparently "Send tweets".

What's cool is that Lance is really pretty open on his twitter feed. Sometimes I find he tweets some things to showcase his hipness - "Tough loss for Roddick down under" - does anyone really care about the Austrailian Open (or Men's Tennis for that matter). But I can forgive it because there is a lot more there that, in addition to reports from the Tour Down Under, and his performance with the Mash SF guys that has me really liking the guy. Right now what's he up to?

lancearmstrong Just did Smoke Free Texas event at the capitol. Great turnout. Fingers crossed on getting it passed. It's the RIGHT thing to do.

Maybe I just like Lance so much because he's preachy like me. And on this one, he is right, and if he can get the Texans to give up smoking in bars, maybe we need to have him work on Bikes on Board. I hear he'll be in Santa Rosa by the time of the JPB meeting!

If you aren't a Lance fan, in my book you're missing something (or you're one of his former paramours, but love's a bitch).

So anyway, following Lance's feed, I see he's replying to dzabriskie. And ghincapie. ivanbasso. TeamAstana. and so on, and so on, and they're all sending dozens of tweets per day. At this point, I think someone needs to tell them to get a room. I'm too old to process 100's of tweets per day - I am pretty certain I'm just going to have to say "That was interesting" and take them off my follow list.

Except for Lance of course.

Latest: @lancearmstrong rode into work today with my new Mellow Johnny's socks. Very nice! less than 5 seconds ago

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Yokota Fritz said...

Since yesterday @lancearmstrong passed up @scobleizer in the number of followers.